About Us

Technosave International Inc. is a medium-sized enterprise whose actions are defined by an entrepreneurial responsibility to the environment, our clients and employees. It takes innovative and top-quality products that can survive on the market to successfully safeguard this responsibility.

Furthermore, we can offer the best possible service to ensure that our products reliably meet the practical needs of our clients. Incidentally, we regard special requirements of our clients as a challenge that we respond to with pioneering and economical solutions.

Our Vision

We are the most admired and preferred partner in the industry where people cherish excellent service at all time.

Our Values

  • Spirit of Service through Industry and Perseverance
  • Spirit of Fairness
  • Spirit of Striving for Progress and Innovation
  • Spirit of Harmony with Natural Law
  • Spirit of Harmony, Cooperation and Teamwork
  • Spirit of Integrity and Trustworthiness
  • Spirit of Courtesy and Humility
  • Spirit of Gratitude

Our Mission

  • We aim to be the world class engineering company by:
  • Satisfying our customers’ wishes for excellent quality service and outstanding value.
  • Constantly and aggressively seeking to improve quality and productivity in all we do.
  • Enhancing good relations with customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders and the community we serve.
  • Creating a high quality work force with equal opportunities for all.
  • Caring for the environment.